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Sunday Evening               6 pm

Wednesday Evening        7 pm


Ministry Times


Grief Share                       4 pm

Bible Studies              4:30 pm

Pack 456                     4:30 pm

GMA                             4:30 pm

NHBC Youth                6:00 pm

Pray for Our Nation   5:30 pm


Men's Prayer Mtg.            8 am

Comforter Ministry          9 am

SR. Adult Choir         10:30 am

SR. Adult Game Day 11:30am


NHBC Youth                     6 pm

Awana                               6 pm

Sanctuary Choir               6 pm

Prayer Meeting                7 pm


Art with Heart                  9 am

Art with Heart                12 pm

Centered on God*Connected to Each Other*Compassion for Others*Compelled to Share
Centered on God*Connected to Each Other*Compassion for Others*Compelled to Share
Librarian Sandra Berry
Wednesday 6-7 p.m.


6-7 p.m.


Where is the library? 

We are located in the "Old Sanctuary."  Go past the offices and through the breezeway. We are the second door on the right.

I love to listen to books on tape and motivational speakers while I'm in my car.  Do you carry and tapes on cassette or compact disc?
We have very few at the moment. We plan to add to this area in the future.


Do you have to be a member of NHBC to check out books?
Yes. Checkout privileges are available to all members. The only requirement is that we have your address and phone number
on file.
Where do you get the money to buy new things for the Library?
Good question. We do receive a budget every year that is used to buy books,
processing supplies, repair supplies, and advertising. We accept book donations and financial contributions.
Check Out Policies
Books, tapes, and movies are limited to 3 per family member and may be checked out for 2 weeks and renewed once.
We have stopped charging fines in order to try something new. We would really love for you to make a donation if your book is late.  If your book is overdue, not new items may be checked out until the overdue item is back
in the Library.  If a book is lost or damaged (maybe you spilled
your coffee on it), please ask for the cost so you can pay for it.
Book and Video Drop-Off
There is a book return in the breezeway. Please use this if the Library is closed. 
A good friend passed away and I wanted to donate a book as a memorial. Can you tell me how this is done?
Just call or come by the Library and we'll fill out a form with all the information needed. A placard will be placed in the book with the name of the person honored and the person(s) or group making the donation. We will send an acknowledgment to the family member you have chosen, letting them know of your gift.
Memorials are one of our main sources of funding. If you are interested in giving, here are some ideas and suggestions: baby's birth, child's birthday, anniversary, Christmas, to honor someone (anytime), special Sunday School teacher, favorite minister, and baptism. What a great way to honor someone's life or a milestone.
To encourage reading for instruction,
for inspiration,
for guidance,
and for recreation...
to provide resource materials
for our Church programs.
 Ten Ideas to Foster a Love of Books
  1. Read to your children.
  2. Take advantage of story hours at your local library. Sign children up for summer reading program.
  3. Have lots of books easily accessible.
  4. Go to the library on a regular basis.
  5. Let them see you reading, captivated by a book. Tell them about the stories you are reading.
  6. Encourage them to read to you. Continue to read to them.
  7. Give bookstore certificates for presents.
  8. Have a special place for their books and help them learn to treat books as treasures.
  9. Pay attention to the content they enjoy; help them to find other books in the same genre.
  10. Broaden their reading materials. There are many good children's magazines, such as Highlights, Faces, National Geographic World or Ranger Rick. Sample them in the Brewster Ladies' Library.
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