is God on Sunday Morning?

Of course, God is everywhere. But did you know that God is back in the church nursery? (See Mark 9:36-37) When we minister to children, God is with us. If you wonder why so many people are blessed by serving in the church nursery, now you know – God is there.


NHBC Nursery desires to provide
loving care to each child and their families. 
The nursery is available for all services on Wednesday night and
Sunday. Special event nursery can be arranged by contacting Cheryl Gray,

Nursery/Preschool Director at 903-312-3667.


The babies from birth through 2years of age are lovingly taught

about Jesus’ love for them through loving care and teaching using

basic Bible truths and large teaching pictures. The older babies begin training at
approximately 15-18 months to sit at a table for a short Bible lesson and are
provided a snack. This training prepares them for promotion into the preschool Sunday School program.


During the worship hour, in all classes, we have a short praise and worship time

implementing ribbons and simple rhythm instruments. We begin instilling in these

precious little ones a reverence for God’s Word through instruction and touching the
Bible. Interactions with the children during free play throughout the hour are focused

on teaching them that they are special because they are created in the image of God;

and that all creatures were created by God.


The three and four year olds are provided snacks, free play time, praise and worship,

Bible lessons, short videos, and memory verse activity.


At all times the children are lovingly cared for and encouraged to share with and care for

their friends. Our policy is positive redirection rather than negative instruction for misbehavior.


Our nursery consists of three

1)    Birth to walking

2)    Walking to 2 years

3)    3 years through 4 years

Each class is staffed by 2 adults or more as needed with staffing being
comprised of paid staff plus volunteer adults at least 18 years of age.




NOTE TO PARENTS: We want to take the very best care of your child, so please make sure that your child's diaper bag, sippy cup, and bottles have their names on them. Please also alert us of any food allergies your child has or special care instructions. We place a very high priority on the safety and care of your children. It is very important to us that your children are safe, well cared for, and enjoy their experience at New Harmony Baptist Church. 













Cheryl Gray, Nursery Coordinator

Worship Times

Blended Service                   8:30 am

Sunday School                      9:45 am

Contemporary Service       11:00 am

Sunday Evening                    6:00 pm

Wednesday Evening            7:00 pm


Ministry Times


Grief Share                      3:00 p.m.

Bible Studies                  4:30 p.m.

NHBC Youth                    5:00 p.m.



Men's Prayer Mtg.            8:00 am

Comforter Ministry          9:00 am

SR. Adult Choir                 10:30 am

SR. Adult Game Day       11:30am



Pray for Our Nation          5:30 pm

NHBC Youth                       6:00 pm

AWANA/PACK456            6:00 pm

Sanctuary Choir               6:00 pm

Prayer Meeting                 7:00 pm


Art with Heart                   9:30 am


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